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Couture collection Deep Harmony

It is from nature that the artist borrows his models, it is nature which provides him with his inspirations ”(Victor Cherbuliez)


The play of forms, those of light and movement mingle creating an exact harmony. We are transported to an unreal world where the beauty of Nature is preserved.


It is a new collection which represents all the richness of the seabed, with its flamboyant colors, and all its singular and surprising beauty.


Yet Nature is endangered by human beings: the designer mentions the alarming causes of its destruction, such as the impact of global warming and various pollution on species, flora and fauna, on the biotope.


Thus, by using plastic waste as embroidery and by illustrating the alteration of the colors of aquatic flora, the designer denounces the ecological issue.


In addition, the use of new technologies such as 3D printing, unusual materials in textiles such as silicone or techniques such as laser cutting give his creations a modern and even futuristic image, revealing himself as the incarnation of new generation couture.